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Made by Yush.

27.08.2009 17:13 Sea  Comments (0)

Killaway will use the .NET Framework 2.0. But it doesn't mean that the game will only work on Windows. Thanks to Mono project Killaway will run natively on most popular systems, like Unix/Linux, MacOS X and, of course, Windows. This platform will bring us many benefits: the gameplay will be completely modable. The game will have an ability to compile external source files. Then it will dynamically link to the assemblies so the external sources will behave like internal ones. Without much programmer's work.

I also think about a new physics engine. I'll probably use Box2D, which has a .NET wrapper, so I expect that the implementation will be painless.

Of course, this environment has some weakness. Killaway will require .NET/Mono installed in your system, so you'll have to download about 20 MB of data. But nowadays downloading such a big files is not a problem. Another issue is speed. The game will run always slower than native program. However, I bet Killaway will be fast enough to run on older machines.

11.08.2009 06:39 Sea  Comments (0)

Our page is now visible from seasoft-games.pl.

Check out our contents, join our forum community and enjoy.

26.05.2009 15:24 Sea  Comments (0)

I decided to publish a game which was one of my uni-projects. It's a simple 2D shooter written in ANSI C. You play as a robot which is able to perform walljumps (you can bounce off the wall and jump higher).

Hackwarz provides two game modes: survival (Crimsonland-like) and multiplayer (split-screen for 2 players). I publish it with sources, so you can modify the whole gameplay (or simply add more functionality). Don't expect high-end graphics, the game runs in 320x240 mode (fullscreen, double-res fullscreen or windowed mode).

Go to Download site and get the game with sources (and compiled Windows and Linux binaries). If you want to re-compile it (on Linux) just open the terminal, go to the directory with sources and type make. On Windows you may want to use Dev-C++ or similar tools.

02.05.2009 01:05 Sea  Comments (0)
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